The Prolog Tab

The PrologTab is an integration of GNU Prolog for Java with Protege-2000. Slot relations in Protege are represented as facts within Prolog. Access to underlying Java interfaces is achieved through built-in predicates and the use of Java reflection. The tab also allows management of Prolog sources through special frames within the Protege knowledge base.

Download and installation:

1. Download the latest zip file from the SourceForge site.

2. Copy the pre-built jar files (prologtab-0.1.0.jar and gnuprolog-0.1.0-with-mods.jar) to your Protege plugins directory.

3. Un-zip into your favorite directory for holding Protege project files.


1. Open the sample project PrologTabProject.pprj.
2. On the Prolog Tab select a Prolog source module to consult. Consulting a module compiles the sources along with all module dependencies.
3. In the console entry field enter a query.


This plug-in is a work in progress. The latest developments can be found in the CVS repository at the SourceForge site. See the instructions there for access.


    Troy Caldwell

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